Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am so behind on this. Here are some pics from our Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas together. I am so grateful for the amount of love I feel for her. She is such a special girl, and makes me very proud to be her mother. I miss her a lot when i work and i'm so glad we had some time to spend together! Amber had been asking santa for a bike for MONTHS! She was so happy when she woke up to find that he brought her one. The first word out of her mouth were "MOM! Santa knew just what i wanted!" ha ha I love her

Today when I picked up Amber from Marlenes house we were standing outside chatting. Like sisters do. Amber had picked up this small black rock and said it was her special seed and proceeded to dance around and sing about how this special seed was going to grow into a yummy apple tree. I asked her a few questions about her little rock and she was so proud! This went on for aout 10 minutes while we said our good bye's. Finally as i'm getting her in the car she of course asks if she can take it home. I said yes and took a quick glance at her new special seed. It's amazing how something so simple can entertain her that well. To my amazement it was bird poop. Marlene and I busted out laughing. Ha Amber is SOOOO great! She did get a tad upset when I asked her to throw it on the ground. eeew.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finger Painting....or is it?

Let me start out saying that Amber is the coolest person I know. Ok, well I work full time and unfortunately do not get as much time with Amber as I want. So when we are together we try to have a lot of fun. Earlier this week we had planned on getting a pumpkin and carving it together. Sounds great right? Little did I know that when we got to the store they would be completely out!!! WHAT!! Well we decided to look around at Fry's and found a little finger painting kit. She was very excited because she has never done this before. When we got home i taped a trash bag to the tile as protection against unwanted splatter, and let her sit on the ground and go nuts. It's a blast watching her. She thought that painting herself was the best idea. whatever, kids will be kids right? (I just noticed her Papa calmly reading in the background of the picture. ha ha)She kept saying that her bath would be like a rainbow. LOL it totally was. I have a nice memory of her first finger painting now. I love her.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thumb sucking

Yes, Amber is still a thumb sucker! I have tried every trick in the book and i'm open to suggestions. I took her to her dentist for a follow up on the possible damage it is causing. He says there is still hope that it will correct itself. He told me for the second time to ask her not to do it. Awesome, I came here for that!!! I left a little frusterated that he wouldn't put some kind of miracle contraption in her mouth that would fix everything. Well, i told Amber that if she did really well at not sucking her thumb then maybe the dentist would get her a present. Little did I know how genius that was! GO ME! With a lot of help from her aunt Marlene and a strange surprise in the mail box from the dentist(yes i put it there) Amber is doing a lot better!!!!! I'm so proud!

Monday, September 29, 2008